Lazy Thursday

13 Sep

I get lazy around midweek and don’t do much cooking Wednesday and Thursday, which means I typically won’t have recipes to share these days.  I actually made red velvet brownies though because we (okay, mostly me) gobbled up those whities so quickly.  But I still don’t have a recipe to share.

This was my second red velvet brownie attempt (two different recipes) and they’ve both turned out like this:

Too cakey, and not tasting quite ‘red velvety’.  They’re alright, but not what I was hoping for.  Next time (next weekend?) I’m just going to bite the bullet and make cupcakes.

Anyway, in the upcoming weeks, I’m hoping to share some nutrition science on the days when I don’t have recipes!  I really love the science behind everything in the kitchen, and in our bodies.  Had I not pursued geology, I think I would have studied the science of nutrition.

Nutrition is actually a pretty new science.  That’s why everyone seems to have an opinion about it (diets, what you should and shouldn’t eat, etc.), and a ‘right’ answer almost never exists.  I think all that stuff is super interesting, and I think you should too!


But I don’t have a post ready for today.  So instead, here are some other goodies from around the internet/my life:

This is the cutest critter I’ve ever seen.  I want a pet blue dragon instead of a pet turtle (it’s a mollusk! And poisonous!)

OMG the rainbows!  I don’t think I would actually make or eat rainbow pasta or some of the other rainbow foods, but look how pretty!

I’m making these for my little sisters for Christmas as reindeer!

You know what no one told me?  If you want to make ice cream and don’t have an ice cream maker just make a semifreddo.  Must try this.


Finally, remember how I was complaining about how I couldn’t find pumpkin spice coffee?  Look what the boyfriend brought me home last night!  Dawww, it’s the little things =]

Now I just need to find some pumpkin puree…

Have a good end of the weeks folks!  I’ll have more to share on Saturday!



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