Boring Scrambled Eggs

8 Sep

First, a few random things:

1) I was planning on making pumpkin bread and then pumpkin French toast, but I COULD NOT FIND CANNED PUMPKIN AT THE STORE!  I also didn’t see Dunkin’ Donuts Pumpkin Spice ground coffee, so all of my pumpkin-y fall spirited plans were crushed.  Such a disappointment.

2)      More importantly, HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING QUAD RUGBY IN THE PARALYMPICS?  Team USA LOST to Canada in the semi-finals this morning…whattttt?  So they’ll play for bronze tomorrow against Japan (most likely).

The gold/silver match is tomorrow also; Australia vs. Canada (most likely). Australia currently has the best player in the world (Ryley Batt).  Check out the videos in this article if you need convincing.  Canada’s going to get wrecked.

(Will Groulx wipes out in the match against Great Britain; Photo by Kevin Bogetti-Smith)


Alright, now onto the food.  After watching countless hours of food network and surfing the web, I get the feeling that everyone cooks eggs differently and that everyone prefers to eat their eggs differently.  There are a few basic things that I think most would agree on:

1) You don’t want your pan to be too hot when you first pour in the eggs or they will burn.

2) You don’t want to leave your eggs over the heat too long or they will dry out, and that’s certainly not delicious

3) Add salt at the end of the cooking process or your eggs will dehydrate.  Again, dry = not delicious

Today, I’m making eggs my way and I’m going to show you how.  Oh, also, I’m making these eggs for the boyfriend, so although I prefer mine with cream cheese and green onions or basil (omg mmm), the boyfriend likes his “extra boring” with just salt and pepper.  So I give you: boring, basic scrambled eggs!

First, whisk together two whole eggs and a sprinkling of pepper until well combined.  You could use one whole egg and one or two egg whites with similar end results.  Note:  Two eggs will feed one person, but this recipe is easy to double, triple, or whatever for a crowd.  Just use a pan big enough for however many eggs you plan to cook!

Get a pan warming, and measure out some milk/cream (1 T per 2 eggs), but don’t combine it with your eggs yet!

Spray your pan with non-stick spray, or if you’re feeling frisky, a tsp or so of butter.  Ideally, though, you will have just cooked BACON in your pan, in which case, use that bacon fat…oh yeahhh (that’s what I did this morning).  You definitely want this pan to be hot before you pour your eggs in.  How do you know if it’s hot?  Sprinkle a drop or two of water in and it should sizzle.

But how hot should it be?  Every stove-top is different, but when you pour your eggs in, they should sizzle at first contact, but then stop by the time all the eggs are in the pan (adding the cool eggs will drop the temperature of your sautee pan).  I use a 3-4/10 on the electric stove here, but a 2/10 on my gas stove-top at my parents’ house.

Now, use a spatula and pull in from the sides of the pan, tipping liquid eggs in to fill the gaps.

I think I watched a cooking segment with Gordon Ramsey a long time ago where he said to add milk or cream (or softened cream cheese…omg mmm) at this stage.  I don’t remember why, but that’s what I do.  Quickly pour it in (1T per 2 eggs), then cut the heat.

This is when you want constant movement on your eggs to get them all fluffy-like.  Just keep that spatula moving.

It does not take long to cook eggs…30 seconds to a minute is all you’ll need.  But this is the most important part.  You obviously don’t want your scrambled eggs to be liquidy, but they should still be shiny and moist.

Transfer immediately to a plate (so they don’t overcook in the still warm pan), NOW sprinkle with salt, and serve!

Perfectly moist, fluffy, silky (though boring) scrambled eggs!





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