Baked Crab and Cream Cheese Wontons

27 Aug

Good afternoon!  Hope you are having a great start of the week!  It was rainy for the first day of classes at ODU today (I tagged along with the boyfriend to learn me some physics)…the warm summer kind of rainy where isolated storms pour for five minutes and then the sky is perfectly clear again.  Check out this view; we were right at the edge of one of those storms!

And then I found a frog hanging out on the side of the building.  Cute, right?

How does that relate to baked crab and cream cheese wontons?  I’m pretty sure it doesn’t.  But I actually made these on Saturday, so it doesn’t have to relate. Truth.

     I found this recipe recently, and was reminded of the decadent fried crab and cream cheese filled wontons my family gets at this awesome Chinese food place in northern Virginia.  I have been venturing into the formerly terrifying realm of frying recently (a few weeks ago I made doughnuts and fried chicken successfully without burning down the house or myself!), but I do try to air on the lighter side when possible.

Plus I purchased a Costco-sized quantity of imitation crab meat about a week ago and this seemed like the perfect recipe to use some of it up.

     My adaptations of this recipe reflect the ingredients I had on hand, and a doubling of the amount of crab meat.  And it was AWESOME.  I will say, the wonton wrappers are not quite as delicious baked as fried, but the filling was—honestly—BETTER than the real thing.  The seasonings are fantastic, and the reduced fat cream cheese is just as tangy, creamy and decadent.  These are also pretty quick and easy to throw together, if you still need a reason to try them.

It starts with this cast of characters:

  • wonton wrappers
  •  plain greek yogurt (or sour cream if you’ve got it)
  • soy sauce (use the reduced sodium kind if you can—I bought the regular on accident, oops)
  • ground ginger
  • imitation crab meat
  • a green onion
  • softened 1/3 reduced fat cream cheese (also called Neufchatel).

This is a ‘light’ recipe, so you may be tempted by that fat-free cream cheese.  DON’T DO IT!  I bought some to incorporate into a cake filling and I can’t express to you how much of a disappointment it was compared to regular or 1/3 reduced fat cream cheese.  Fat-free cream cheese lacks that characteristic tangy deliciousness of the real (or reduced fat) thing.  It tastes like dense chalk.  Seriously, guys, don’t do it.

Start by mixing the liquidier ingredients until smooth (cream cheese, soy sauce, and greek yogurt).  I just used a fork, but use a mixer if your cream cheese isn’t quite soft enough or if you particularly like to wash dishes.  Then just stir in everything else!  It’s that easy!  Taste at this point so you can adjust the seasonings (add more salt, ginger, soy sauce or onions).

Then break out the wonton wrappers!  And you’ll want a small bowl of water on the side, which I never actually took a picture of.  Lay out each wrapper and place ~2 tsp of filling in the center.

     Then, use a clean finger to wet two sides (sharing a corner) of the wrapper, and fold it over, corner to corner over the filling.  Press closely around the filling to get any air bubbles out, and then around the edges to seal.

I overfilled a few of these so that when I went to seal them, filling started squeezing out the edges.  I thought they would ooze in the oven, but I promise you, they didn’t.

Next, lay out on a greased sheet pan, like so.

Bake for 10 minutes in a 415 degree oven, or until the edges start to brown.

I was getting pretty hungry at this point, so I forgot to take a picture before several made their way to my belly, but here’s what they look like when you pull them out of the oven!  (These may even be a little underdone…I would probably flip them over and give them a few more minutes were I to make these again)

     I served my crab wontons with a sushi salad!  I may eventually post the recipe, but it’s really just plain white rice with a bit of cream cheese stirred in (while off the heat but still warm), sliced cucumber (seeds and skins removed), and more diced imitation crab meat.  I would have thrown some sliced avocado on top, but they were under-ripe and overpriced at the store.  The sadness.

I also meant to make a dipping sauce, but I got lazy…and I thought we had some duck sauce lying around.  We didn’t.  But this was still a great (light) sushi/Chinese dinner!  The filling in these babies is so creamy, the crab meat is soft and chewy, and the wontons crisp up nicely in the oven.

Baked Crab Wontons

Adapted from Iowa Girl Eats

(makes 14 wontons)

14 wonton wrappers (may need more or less)

1 T plain greek yogurt (or sour cream)

4 oz (1/2 a brick) 1/3 reduced fat cream cheese (softenend)

½ tsp soy sauce

1/8 tsp ground ginger

½ of a green onion

½ cup crab meat, diced relatively finely

Salt and pepper to taste

  • Stir together the softened cream cheese, greek yogurt and soy sauce until well combined and smooth
  • Sprinkle in 1/8 tsp ground ginger, and stir in crab meat and green onion…adjust seasonings to taste
  • Preheat oven to 415 and begin filling wonton wrappers: place ~2 tsp of filling in the center of each wrapper, then wet two sides sharing a corner.  Fold from the dry corner over to the wet corner, and press around the blob of filling to release air bubbles, then press the edges together to seal (they will be little triangles)
  • Lay each wonton side by side on a greased sheet pan, then spray the top sides with a bit of cooking spray
  • Bake for 10-15 minutes until edges are brown and crispy
  • DEVOUR (but wait 10 or so minutes because the filling will be quite hot) with your favorite dipping sauce (duck sauce, soy sauce, etc.)

2 Responses to “Baked Crab and Cream Cheese Wontons”

  1. Angel September 5, 2012 at 8:37 pm #

    Oh, I can’t wait to try these! We should do a whole HOD meal, from scratch! 🙂 Angel


  1. I survived!…and Sweet Potato Ravioli « Halite and Pepper - August 29, 2012

    […] Instead, wonton wrappers!  They are cheap, and they come in packs of a bajillion.  They are also extremely versatile, so with the extras from this recipe, you can try something else (like crab wontons) […]

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